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Tricks 4 Treats
phone: (01202) 773581

Who are we?

Tricks 4 Treats Pet Dog and Fun Agility Training is a company owned and maintained by Jo and Paul Conibere. Jo and Paul are both members of the UK Association of Pet Dog Trainers (00953 & 01039)

We believe strongly in kind, fair and consistent training, which include reward and motivational based methods. We run small friendly sessions with a structure that allows for positive progression throughout the training process, and beyond. We take great pride in our positions and understand the need for pet dogs' to be, and remain sound individuals, maintaining a good level of obedience along with allowing the dogs' true personality to be unaffected.

We run various levels of pet obedience, ranging from Puppies through to Advanced courses. Our Fun Agility courses are also great fun, we do not run at competition level, but provide our clients with a fun sport to enjoy with their dog.

One to one training is also available for those who are unable to attend classes, or own a dog that isn't suited to such environments.

For further information please contact us on (01202) 773581 or visit our website We are more than happy to answer questions, or assist with any concern you may have.