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Cancer Research Doggy Dash Bournemouth

29 April 2018 09:00

doggy dash


Guided walkies: Orchids & other secrets of South Park - dog walkers special'

Avon Heath Country Park are putting on a Dog Walkers Special for their Friends group but they've been kind enough to invite us along too! Before we go on to the heath area dogs will be able to have a good old run around off lead on the big field next to the car park. Ground-nesting birds will be picking their patches at the heath currently, so with leads on Ranger Ben will be leading us on paths across the heath and telling us about the wildlife and management of the heathland.

Walkies is free, but car park is normally by Friends permit only so the Park will welcome parking donations!

PLEASE BOOK by calling the park on 01425 478082 or messaging Su on Dorset Dogs Facebook.


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