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Dogtaggs Safe and effective use of a Long Line

8 December 2018 - 10 December 2018

A longline can provide a route to freedom for you and your dog if it is used wisely and safely. And most importantly, a long line can help preserve some controlled freedom for dogs and prevent them getting lost whilst they learn to stay with their person.

If you know how you use a line within different situations, you can (at least) protect and (at best) enhance great behaviour in you and your dog. Often Longlines are suggested as a means of management and control of dogs, such an approach misses the point of the longline as a means to develop good responses in people and dogs

This course will help you to:
Learn some simple techniques to manage a long line safely and to consider practicalities like weight of dog/line and kit
Learn some simple techniques to safely manage a dog and yourself when a longline is used
Learn how to use the long line effectively so that your dogs responses to your movements are altered and automated, resulting in collaborative walks together rather than coercive walks apart
Learn where and how to apply your new skills and how to structure your new learning
Learn when, how (and if) to begin a structured, gradual process of removing the long line

Avoid being the person who ditches the long line because it was too awkward to manage, or the person who clung to it as a means of management without ever exploring the possibilities for freedom.

There is a LOT of emphasis on quiet, gentle handling, please be prepared to follow those guidelines very carefully. Handlers will work in pairs, with one dog at a time. The idea between pairing handlers is that you will begin to teach each other, which we know helps to establish learning. You'll take it in turns with each exercise. You will need a long line, your lunch and all weather clothing. We will be outside all day. NO aversive control will be involved. 

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Three progressive days. Six places. £210 per handler. No observers. Book at 

Appears in the booking form as 'How, why and when to use a Long Line'. All dogs work individually.

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