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About Us

Tally at StudlandDorset Dogs champions positive management for people with dogs in town, coast & countryside and promotes responsible dog ownership.

What we believe

Dogs are wonderful for people's physical health and emotional well-being and if that goes hand in hand with responsible dog ownership there are brilliant benefits not just for people but also for the value, care and future protection given to our countryside and green spaces and the wildlife that live there.

Who are we?

Dorset Dogs was set up by a group of land managers who were also dog owners.  We recognised from our own experience that there are issues to do with dogs out and about on their walks (eg fouling, or disturbance to wildlife, grazing animals or other people) but we wanted to find more positive ways to manage those issues and also to recognise the benefits that dog owners can bring.  We work together with other dog owners and land managers to do this, as well as dog, conservation and countryside organisations, charities and businesses.

People walking with dogs are often the main visitors to green spaces and the countryside.  We are 'eyes & ears', discouraging anti-social behaviour simply by being there, or reporting fires or other incidents.  Some dog owners also take part in voluntary work at their local site, for example litter-picking, conducting wildlife surveys or carrying out practical work on site. 

Dog owners who live in or visit Dorset can become members of  Dorset Dogs, by signing up to the doggy do code and keeping in touch with local dog and countryside information. 

There are now almost 2000 Dorset Dogs human members and even more canine ones!

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  • Be well-informed on your walks - includes information about great dog walking areas as well what you need to know about more sensitive places you may already visit in your local area: Out & about
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Dorset Dogs won the national KC Dog Award 2013!

The Special Recognition award is an annual award for best positive canine access management - click here

The Dorset Dogs ethos is supported by many dog owners, dog businesses, and dog, conservation and countryside organisations and charities. 

Funding & History

Dorset Dogs currently receives part-time funding from development mitigation to carry out work in south-east Dorset, with additional funding coming in from other projects across Dorset who call on Dorset Dogs expertise for specific work such as 'information pit stops' or 'guided walkies', alongside small donations from businesses who support the Dorset Dogs ethos and advertise on the website.

Dorset Dogs was initially set up with heathland development mitigation funding via the Urban Heaths Partnership, combined with access management funding from Natural England to carry out work across the whole of Dorset, to help manage both issues and opportunities to enjoy countryside and green spaces.

The staff resource has now grown to 'one and a half' staff members (Su and Anneke) working on Dorset Dogs work and managed as part of the Urban Heaths core team.  Bournemouth Council have also obtained funding to run a 'Dorset Dogs in Bournemouth' post (Becky), managed as part of Bournemouth Council's countryside team; we will liaise closely to try to ensure a consistent ethos and approach is taken.

Dorset Dogs is hosted by Dorset County Council and overseen by a group from partner organisations of the Urban Heaths Partnership.