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Paw Print Symbols

These symbols are increasingly used in Dorset so that we can easily and clearly identify where our dogs can run free and where they need to be on a lead.  We also use them on the 'out & about' pages of this website.

This is intended as a guide only, please do follow signs on site and advice of site staff.


dogs welcome off lead

Dogs welcome off lead - This means that you can exercise freely off the lead.

Please always keep your dog in sight and do not allow them to chase or disturb other visitors, wildlife or grazing animals.

Please look after the area by picking up and binning your dog waste. 


dogs welcome on lead

Dogs welcome on lead - You can walk your dog in this area but because of, for example,  vulnerable wildlife on the ground or grazing animals you need to keep your dog on a lead.

Please look after the area by picking up and binning your dog waste.


sorry - no dogs Sorry - no dogs - Children’s play areas, sports pitches, some parts of parks, field/sites with year round grazing animals and young are likely to fall into this category.


Some sites will have both on and off lead areas at certain times of year and may also have areas where dogs can not go, so sites will often have more than one colour of pawprint! Check on site for further information.