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Dorset Dogs Christmas Newsletter

DD with christmas hat

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas & New Year with happy tummies, plenty of loving attention and walks abounding (dogs & humans too)!

Dorset Dogs in 2016 – an exciting year!
  •  1815 members
  •  2100 friends on Facebook
  •  Fantastic Festival
  • Special evenings for commercial dog walkers
  • ‘Best practice’ positive management conference
  • Invited to the House of Commons
  • and the great pleasure of meeting so many of you at 45 pit stops and guided walkies!

… all championing positive management for dogs and promoting responsible ownership.

Check it out...

Nearly 2000 members! Spread the word – the 2000th member will receive amazing prizes from portrait artist Katherine Cromwell, dog-friendly Flirt Café Bar, Kris Knits, Dorset Dog Delights and Wimborne Photography.  Don’t forget to sign up again if you get a new dog and send in their photo for the new members’ page - tell friends and family so they can join too!

Enjoy walking - the doggy do code is a great & simple checklist on how to be confident that you’re being responsible when you’re out & about with your dog.

 At this time of year if you visit the wetlands or the coast be aware of the struggle that wildlife may be experiencing – here’s how to help birds taking shelter this winter. growing into a very useful doggy encyclopaedia – take a look!  (Do you have information to add?) 

Dog-friendly Dorset & Out and About pages - dog-friendly businesses, plus places to walk and information about some of our special wildlife sites so you can enjoy walking responsibly… over 1000 people are finding these pages useful each month!

Did you know that whether you're a dog-centred business, a visitor attraction or a holiday accommodation provider you can appear on the website?  There’s an annual fee of around £30 for most businesses (some types of entry are free), helping to support Dorset Dogs work across Dorset.

Looking for dog care or walkers? Check out these folks – dog walkers and pet care – they’ve agreed to follow the doggy do code.

Charities are you interested in appearing on our contacts pages or having an entry about the work you do in our Wagipawdia section?  Get in touch, it's free for charities of all sorts – doggy, wildlife, countryside or human!

Volunteers, please & thank yous! can you spare a day or even two (or more!) in 2017?  We're looking for more volunteers to go along to fun dog shows & fetes or help out in other ways.  

Whilst there’s only one part-time post specifically for Dorset Dogs work staff from all sorts of other organisations and local authorities pitch in to help with promotion and big events like the Festival, and we couldn't have done the work we've managed this year without the wonderful Dorset Dogs volunteers too - let's name and fame again!

Events volunteers Kev, Sheila & Casper, Sue, Derek & Alfie & Duane, Michele & Juan, Fleur & Claire, Linda who’s done so much time-consuming work on essential new members admin, veteran Missy who’s recently gone to Rainbow Bridge after a very loved and long life with volunteer Tony who’s made up THOUSANDS of giveaway goody bags & hundreds of new member packs, Duane, Manon, Nikita & Mabel who did extra work on Facebook whilst Catherine set up a new Instagram account for Dorset Dogs ready to be used in 2017 - these volunteers have done so much this year, at events or working on essential admin and other tasks so thanks to them all - and to Anne, Mark & Elsa and another Anne, Teasel & Clover, Pauleen and Milo, Beryl & Graham with Cassie & Roo who have also been wonderful ambassadors for us, whilst Pam & Claire are set to help at more events next year!

We also have to mention Julie from Dorset Dog Delights who has provided 1000s of dog treats free for our give-away goody bags and Alan from Wimborne Photography for fantastic Festival photography, whilst Hillside & Natterjacks vets continue to offer us so much support alongside many other doggy businesses & organisations too numerous to mention! 

Paul, Amy, Rachel & Sarah from the Urban Heaths Partnership are all key in Dorset Dogs work, whilst wardens Amy, Zoe, Jade, Jess, Nina & Sarah from local authorities and National Trust wardens Aemelia, Kev & David & Clive have all been so important in making pit stops and guided walkies special this year.

Dorset Dogs Festival 2017 - the annual celebration of dogs, wildlife, countryside and greenspaces will be on the 12th August 2017 at Upton Country Park (if you can’t make that date don’t despair, look out for ‘Mega Pit Stops’ on the event pages of the website!)

Finally… don’t forget to check out and send in events and news articles via and if you haven’t joined us on our lively Facebook forum yet come along – - there’s lots of great photo albums as well as plenty of topical discussion and events info!

So once again…. here’s wishing you all a wonderful Christmas & New Year with happy tummies, plenty of loving attention and walks abounding!