Love Dogs... Love Nature

... and now a 2 minute survey for the birdies!


Milo posing for his fantastic 'litter free coast & sea' photo                         

Can you spare 2 minutes (really! 2 mins!) to do a Dorset Dogs survey - your help would be greatly appreciated! The survey is relevant for anyone who ever visits places like any of the Studland beaches, Arne, Lytchett Bay, Holes Bay, Baiter, Whitecliff, Hamworthy beach, Bramble Bush or Brands Bay - or anywhere else around the Poole Harbour or Studland beaches area.

Here it is: - just 6 quick questions!

It relates to birds overwintering in sheltered areas - the key thing being that we're being asked to prevent our dogs from setting flocks to flight as they may already be exhausted and in poor condition - see Overwintering Birds page for more