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West Bay is set for investment into four key areas, and residents and visitors are being invited to have their say.

There are two drop-in dates (4th & 9th July) when the Dorset Coast Forum team will be at the Salt House, West Bay to allow the community to express their ideas and suggestions for each project.

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Woodsford with Amy and Duane


Dorset Dogs Volunteer Duane and Urban Heaths Partnership warden Amy with Dorset Dogs members.

Who will be helping with Dorset Dogs work as well as going into schools to assist with education about heathlands?

Applications are now closed and we will be introducing the new assistant once they are appointed.

Becky at the Hullaballoo 3Becky at the HullaballooBecky at the Hullaballoo 2

Becky demonstrates 'pick up a poop' (it's plasticine!) before young visitors have a go themselves! As well as the young human visitors we also have the wonderful Clover and Teasel who visited with Mum Anne, a Dorset Dogs ambassador who took the photos.

Fantastic news!  May we introduce Becky, who is now covering 'Dorset Dogs in Bournemouth' work for at least 8 months, let's hope longer!  Becky comes under the management of Bournemouth Council but is currently training by coming along and helping at Dorset Dogs events in the wider area. She's already working on all sorts of positive projects for dog owners in Bournemouth.  She's based at the wonderful Stour Valley visitor centre, Kingfisher Barn, a great place for a riverside walk - look out for that being added to Dorset Dogs 'out & about' pages soon, but in the meantime you can check it out here

The photos show Becky at the Hullabaloo with visitors to Knoll Beach, Studland, training alongside Su from Dorset Dogs.  Becky discussed Dorset Dogs membership and events, website information and the 'doggy do code' as well as handing out free doggy goody bags and training young visitors to have a go at 'picking up'.

Becky did a marvellous job at her very first pit stop - thanks Becky!

Don't forget there is another Dorset Dogs/Education post on offer at the moment too - look at the news item above.

NEC Conference with walker repsIn a follow-up to the meeting at the Houses of Parliament put on by the Kennel Club when they launched a report about the impact on dog owners of access restrictions Su Powner from Dorset Dogs was invited to speak at a conference for local authorities at Birmingham NEC, hosted by the Kennel Club & the National Dog Wardens Association.

Dorset Dogs was highlighted as a ‘best practice’ example of championing positive access management for people with dogs whilst promoting responsible ownership. 

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Alfie looking smugAlfie meets a baby rook!

Download the video to see a baby rook finding his wings!

You can hear the rookery tenants in the background - including the parents no doubt.

There are lots of young birds and animals around, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open when you're out walking and the chances are you'll see some of the exuberant life that's around at this time of year!  It also does us good to leave behind the worries and to-do lists racing around your head and tune into the natural world around instead - even in the midst of a town there are birds, beetles and other wildlife bustling around us.

Unfortunately all this young life means there are also a lot more vulnerable animals around, as you can see from the amount of roadkill too.  Beware of adding to the death toll, a deer was recently caught and killed by a dog on Upton Heath - awful for the deer, horrible for the owner to witness.

On the heaths (as well as other areas like some wetlands and downs) we need to keep our dogs on the paths with us through spring and summer as there are special birds like nightjars (other examples include skylarks, lapwings and woodlarks) nesting on the ground. Elsewhere there may be young too, so watch out for where you are and whether it's great for off-lead or needs to be on lead - find off-lead places on the out and about pages and check out the doggy do code so you can avoid nasty incidents with your dog and wildlife. - click the headlines of each bit of the code to find out about reasons why it matters.

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 March 10: Newsflash: BEACH NOW CLEAR

Swanage Town Council have just been in touch with this warning so that we are aware & can keep our dogs safe following a diesel pollution incident on the north end of Swanage beach, near Shep's Hollow, the advice is to stay out of the sea and keep dogs on lead on the beach, where there may be oil - for more follow this link

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Rudi and Josh at Moreton woods with Spyro and Alfie     Buba having a ball in the water

Walking wisely!

 At this time of year if you visit the wetlands or the coast be aware that flocks may still be having a struggle to keep warm and fed in our erratic climate – here’s how to help birds taking shelter - if we can keep our distance we can make sure there's no flapping!

It's also the time of year when rare birds like Nightjars, Dartford Warblers, Lapwings and Skylarks will be looking to nest on or close to the ground, whilst many birds nest higher up in hedges and trees we need to be aware that these species will be found low down on heaths, downs and wetlands so we're asked to keep to the paths with our dogs in those places.  Check out the 'out & about' pages for ideas for other places to walk at this time of year and to find out more about nature reserves too.

Enjoy walking - the doggy do code is a great & simple checklist on how to be confident that you’re being responsible when you’re out & about with your dog, take a look and you'll be equipped with the information you need to be a responsible owner!