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BFS Heathland booklet first pageBFS have produced a booklet that is a fantastic introduction to heathland, including its wildlife and how to help look after it, as well as a trail with special clues! 

With brilliant illustrations and text from young researchers, do take a look!

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Summer of Love

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Do you enjoy walking on the heaths? read more

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...what do these birds have in common?

Answer: They all nest on or near the ground! 

Now's the time to be aware our dogs may cause problems for birds trying to nest and rear chicks - check out the doggy do code to find out how to avoid this.

Ground-nesting birds tend to be found on heaths, downs and wetlands, so it's good to be aware when we're enjoying these sorts of areas with our dogs that we are likely to be asked to keep our dog on a lead or on the path so that the birds can breed successfully. This tends to be between Feb-August but does vary. Check out the 'out and about pages' to find some suggestions for places that are off-lead for a good run!

image001#2minutebeachclean stations launched on Dorset Coast

Litter Free Coast and Sea is pleased to announce the unveiling of eight new beach cleaning stations along the Dorset Coast. The stations, which form part of the popular #2minutebeachclean campaign, encourage beach users of all kinds to spend just a couple of minutes of their beach time helping to keep it clean and tidy. Users simply borrow a litter picker and bag from the station, spend a couple of minutes collecting litter, then share their efforts on twitter or Instagram via the hashtags #2minutebeachclean #Dorset.

The new stations can be found in the following places: one at Friars Cliff, Christchurch will be looked after by the Beach Hut Cafe; four will be dotted along Bournemouth Beach, cared for by Bournemouth Borough Council; two will be sited at Studland, cared for by the National Trust; one will sit at Bowleaze Cove, Weymouth, looked after by Beachside Leisure Centre. Stations will be made available on the beach every day, and kept stocked up and brought in by their adoptive owners overnight. #2minutebeachclean participants are encouraged to dispose of the litter they’ve collected in the existing public litter bins on or near the beach.                                                  Read more

Guide dog puppy sitting with owner

Guide Dog Puppy Walkers Needed

This year, why not make a difference to people living with sight loss and help train a puppy?

Guide Dogs are looking for volunteer Puppy Walkers who can look after a puppy in their own home for a year in the Bournemouth area.

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kccomp photoDoes your dog have that special look?

WIN a free 18"x14" portrait of your dog painted in acrylic on canvas board ready for you to frame.

The competition is open to all Dorset Dog members - all that's required is for you to send a photo of your dog's face with that special look he/she gives you, to Dorset Dogs Facebook page.

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