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Charlie 2           Kath & Kieran told us 'Charlie is a rescue dog we got from Waggy Tails Rescue where we both volunteered.  He had been there 18 months with no interest and as we had been working with him for this amount of time decided to rehome him and it was the best decision we had ever made'.


Charlie is a shar pei x staffie!  This woodland pixie would like to introduce you to July's new members...






Bobby's family have a story to tell:

'Bobby is a very loved & cherished dog to us a miracle that he is still with us because on Friday January 13th 2012 he fell off the cliff at Old Harry Rock chasing a seagull, & he only suffered a broken toe & a chipped tooth, so we never go anywhere near any cliffs & stick to the level ground.'

We've heard similar stories from all around the Dorset coast, but the ending hasn't always been so happy.  The best advice when you're on or approaching cliffs is to use a lead, even if your dog doesn't usually chase things and you think they'll avoid the cliff edge.  Perhaps the excitement of the sea breezes goes to our dogs' heads as well as ours!

Well thank goodness for Bobby's lucky escape!  Now he'd like to introduce you to June's new members...



Buddy would like to introduce you to May's new members!

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Tommy Tinsel 373 May 2011 
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Member 0033 - Herby

Herby helping with the gardening!