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Jan-April 2017 New Members

IF you send in a photo of your dog when you join online you will automatically be one of our 'Dogs of the Month'! 

Did you know Dogs of the Month have their own special class at Dorset Dogs' annual Festival. 

Don't forget we'd LOVE to see you with your dog in the photos too!

Springing into 2017!  Say hello to.....

Mable 1806



Ruth says this little Jack Russell cross '.. is a rescue but very sweet-natured. She can be rather noisy but loves running around with or without other dogs. She doesn't tire easily!

Perhaps sweet-natured Mable can be our flag-bearer for the doggy do code this month Ruth!

p.s. let us know if the unusual spelling is wrong Ruth?

Brody 1807


 Kate told us 'Brody is a very well behaved 5 month old , he loves being off the lead, he loves people'.

He enjoys the lovely public paths around his village of Winterbourne Kingston, as well as places like Upton Country Park and the North Dorset Trailway, both of which you''ll find on the out & about pages.

Ripley 1808



Apparently this 3 year old Golden Retriever prefers to swim rather than walk (I've got one like that!)

Living in Poole, there's quite a few places Jo could take Ripley to indulge his love for water - Sandbanks Beach West is all year round dog-friendly & off lead (look at the out & about pages for details) and there are also dog-friendly beaches at Lake Pier and Hamworthy - and of course the stream through the middle of the fields at Upton Country Park.

Flossie 1809



...a Jackapoo who is a bundle of energy!

She lives in Shaftesbury, so Castle Hill is a favourite place to use up some of that energy.

Blue 1810



"Blue is very friendly and surprisingly is scared of cats. He enjoys sleeping, eating and chasing his squeaky ball" - yes Judy have to admit that's not usually what I hear from people with greyhounds!

He obviously enjoys his ball chasing at some diverse places - Upton Country Park, Lytchett Matravers rec, Kingston Lacy and beaches around Dorset as well as Army ranges walks - lucky fellow!

Bruce and Mollie 1811

Bruce and Mollie

"Both our dogs are rescues from DAWGdogs. They are ambassadors in teaching dog owners and others about being well socialized with other dogs and people. We did find one child who when seeing our dogs on short leads  ran into the road, narrowly being missed by a car.

We promote clearing up after your dog and litter picks around the area to remove often dangerous items." - Linda telling us about her kelpies (Australian Shepherd dogs)

The Dogs Trust also has some great advice about children staying safe around dogs - find it here


Millie 1812



Barbara told us "Millie is a fun-loving lady with a stubborn streak.  She loves to play with other dogs but doesn't always realise that small dogs might find her scary".

She's a 2 year-old German Shepherd-Husky cross who enjoys the beaches and the woods.


Enzo 1813



...guess the breed?.....
Lola 1813


....Italian Spinones!  And they enjoy Moors Valley, a great place for an outing.

Moors Valley has great woodland areas and also lots for families to do - find out more here

Kenda 1814


Here's another happy pair, this time they are rough collies..

David likes to varies their walks so they don't get the 'same old same old'

So they visit for example - Delph Woods, Sandbanks, Upton Park, Canford Heath, Upton Heath, Badbury Rings, Kingston Lacy, Studland,  Hengistbury Head, Branksome Chine - find them on the out & about pages!


Sikka 1814



....David also sent us a little tale about this pair, which we put on Dorset Dogs Facebook page - find their intriguing short photo story here
Joe 1817


Lots of pairs this month!

Joe is one half of our most senior pair this month, at 11 years old...

Charlie 1817

...and Charlie

is the other half.  Rescued dogs from Wales, they now have a lovely life with Mike, enjoying places like Hengistbury Head & Muscliff Park.

Martha 1818


Martha is a Springer, who like many other lively Springers I've heard about "Loves rivers, streams, the sea and, most of all, bogs"

We feel for you Steven, we really do (tee hee).

Footnote: Folks, if you have boundless energy and plenty of time to spend out and about and preferably a considerable liking for mud and general wetness then a spaniel may well be the dog for you!

Wilma 1819


Apparently Wilma is 'a little bit on the silly side'!

Well we have heard that French Bulldogs often have a distinctive character!

Smirnoff 1820

Smirnoff inquisitive Collie who loves a ball

Bailey 1822


Admit it. You said 'arrrrrr' didn't you?

Lacey told us "Bailey is a friendly puppy who loves exploring.  We are teaching him good manners as he has started puppy training classes.  The family are totally enjoying 'dog life'!"

One of their favourite places to take Bailey is Thorncombe Woods, where there is also a great dog-friendly cafe and visitor centre - take a look at the out & about pages for details.

Anya 1823


Jan & Martin from Lytchett said - Anya is a well travelled little dog as she comes with us on our camper holidays all over UK and  Europe"!

Henry 1824


..loves collecting rocks!  He's lucky enough to live right by Whitecliff (next to Poole Park, part of Harbourside Park along with Baiter) so he gets plenty of exercise.

Fly and Sonny

Fly and Sonny...

..."absolutely love lying down in muddy puddles" - hmmmm - we'd never have guessed would we! Bonus photo of Sonny below - clean!

Sonny 1825

Stanley 1826


This Lakeland Terrier from Caldicott is one of our welcome regular visitors to Dorset, his holidays take place at Charmouth.

Diesel 1828


is a 4 year-old cocker, another fan of the great dog-friendly beach & meadow area at Hengistbury Head. Dogs can even ride on the land train and sit with owners at the tables outside the cafe.

Hatton 1832


Yentl-Rose told us that Hatton turned 12 on Sunday 12th February he and his doggy friends Obi & Marge took a little picnic to Thorncombe Woods, he even had a birthday cake!

Mabel 1834


A collie-lab cross who's learning agility and enjoying Delph Woods

Looking lively, Mabel!

Dottie 1835


Last but not least of our new photo members taking us to the end of February 2017, Dottie is Jack Russell/Sporting Lucas cross and apparently is a cheeky character who runs like a Whippet!

Nala 1836



Lilian told us that her 3 happy dogs are very well behaved and love other dogs.

Nala is a Standard Poodle..

Simba 1836



....whilst Simba is a Minature Poodle

and Shadow is the Greyhound who completes the friendly trio.
Dulcie 1838



Angela told us "My 2  girls just love any open spaces although they love the beach but have to be careful as sand gets in their eyes and then it's  a vet visit!!!"



Floss 1838


...and here's Floss who lives with Dulcie - they all say that Upton Country Park is their favourite place to visit. 

At this time of year Upton Country Park is a great place to visit because you can have a nice big off-lead romp without endangering birds nesting on the ground

(the nests or vulnerable young chicks are out on the heaths, downs and wetlands as well as some other areas at this time of year)
Jasper 1839


...this little cocker is another fan of Upton Country Park!


Scooby 1840



Only 2 months old!  This little Vizla is a HUGE fan of beaches already.

Missy 1842



This collie/lab cross just loves to play fetch, especially on Swanage Beach - did you know that once you're at the far end of the beach (furthest from the town) where it's 'wilder' - there's no prom at the back of the beach - then you can be off-lead all year round?

Lexi 1843


little Lexi  loves to run on the beach, digging holes in the sand and enjoys a little paddle in the sea. She also loves exploring in the woodland and loves muddy puddles.

She especially enjoys Sandbanks Beach - happily for Lexi Sandbanks Beach West is off-lead dog-friendly all year round - find it on the 'out & about' pages!

Poppy 1846


is a Havanese - yes I had to check - of the Bichon type they are the national dog of Cuba! 

She loves the sandy paths of Avon Heath (that's good, it's great to stick on the paths there at this time of year - thay have vulnerable animals and birds off the paths in the heathland areas). She also likes West Moors woodlands.


Irene says do say hello if you see them out and about!

Billy 1847



What a relaxed 'friendly, water-mad, ball-loving' Springer!

Chester 1848



is a border collie, he loves going out and about.He's very friendly and sociable with other dogs and likes the water in the warm months.

India 1849



So many puppies this month!  Is it the Spring flush?

India is a lab who already has 2 favourites we're very much in favour of too!  Upton Country Park and Sandbanks beach.

Karma 1850



A happy relaxed smile from the Okeford Hills!  Courtesy of Karma, a lab/rottweiler cross.

Merlin 1850



is Karma's little terrier friend, they like a bit of water to cool down in.


New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we'd love to see you in the photo too!

Welcome to to everyone else who's joined this month:

BAMBI - A 10 year-old cross breed from Wimborne - 'Mum' Tracie says she's concerned that with lots of new development happening there will still be a need for plenty of green spaces.

PUFF & DORA ​- Both veterans, one is a West Highland White of 16 and the other a Labrador of 13 years old, they both enjoy finding gentle but interesting walks with Lynne in West Dorset, like Eggardon Hill (fabuolous views), West Bay & Cogden Beach. (suggestions welcome! - email

MOLLIE & ZEUS - A Shih Tzu and a Staffie from Wimborne

DAN and DUSTER, friendly and energetic Standard Poodles from Bournemouth

NOODLE a poodle/schnauzer cross who loves meeting other dogs and people and running on the beach.

SKIPPER - Alexis says "Skipper is our gorgeous bundle, he is a tri coloured border collie with both parents being working dogs. we have been training for about a month now and we are looking forward to working on some agility in the near future and can't wait to continue exploring the Dorset area over the coming months and years together'.

LEXI  a bouncy young Springador, who loves walking for miles!

MARGE a Cockerpoo from Wyke Regis

SIMBA, NALA & SHADOW very happy Poodles and one Greyhound - very well behaved and love other dogs

KYLO - 3 month old Kylo's owner Lauren said "Everyone has been so friendly including their dogs at making Kylo feel welcomed around Bridport and on North Allington Hill"

HECTOR who is a young Airedale pup exercising in places well away from roads at the moment while he's doing his learning.

WINSTON who is a Cavalier King Charles of 4 months on the look-out for short walks (check out the out and about pages Carol)

DIESEL a young Springador who enjoys Upton Country Park ('s on the out and about pages)



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