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New Members with 2000th Member Bear! Jan 2018

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Welcome to our January members.....

During the spring & summer months we're asked by local Rangers to be aware of birds nesting on the grounds on heaths or other specialised habitats,
by keeping to the paths in those special areas and using other places for off-lead exercise we can help the birds find a safe nest site for their chicks.
Follow the link for a 2 minute recap about helping the chicks!

Meet Dorset Dogs' 2000th Member - it's BEAR!


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Bear 2000           

We had such trouble keeping this exciting secret until our fantastic membership admin volunteer Linda confirmed the identity of the 2000th joiner!

BEAR is a gorgeous 6 month old German Shepherd who adores walks in Upton Country Park.  He's even been on guided walkies with us there - see if you can spot him in the walkies album by clicking here - it's not easy!: - link should work even if you don't use Facebook.

Bear loves the beach and meeting new four-legged friends.

As 2000th member Bear has won a portrait from local artist Katherine Cromwell, a neck-warmer from Kris Knits, a free dog wash at Upton Country Park from Polygon Pets, £10 in vouchers from dog-friendly cafe Flirts in Bournemouth and a selection of treats from Dorset Dog Delights.

Look out for the article about Bear in the news section - once Bear's portrait is ready we will be presenting him and his human family with all of his prizes!

Bobby 1993


A 19 month old Jack Russell cross who enjoys walking on Canford Cliffs beach and anywhere that he can swim.


Mollie 1993

and Mollie

Mollie lives with Bobby and is a 5 year old Jack Russell cross who also loves swimming. Mollie and Bobby are both rescue dogs.

Winston 1994


This 6.5 year old Shih Tzu from Poole regularly walks in Branksome, at Whitecliff Park and the Sandbanks beaches.

Winston has recently moved to the area from Berkshire and Christine told us that she and Winston would like to make some new Dorset walking friends.

If you are new to the area and want to explore Dorset with your dogs you will find lots of great walks on the Out & About pages of the website or join us on one of our sociable Guided Walkies - details on the Events page. 


Archie 1995


Archie is a 4 year old Miniature Dachshund from Broadstone. Simone says of Archie that he is still nervous of other dogs despite having been to two dog behaviourists. Simone would like Archie to meet other dogs for a walk.  

Archie walks in Upton Country Park, Sandbanks, Pamphill and would suggest Kingston Lacy as a great dog walking site in Dorset.


Roxy 1997


This 5 month old Cockapoo from Stoborough loves her walks, especially when she gets to meet and play with other dogs. Tarnia told us that she is a 'very sociable young lady, and while she may look cute she is full of mischief'. Tarnia loves watching her interacting with other dogs.

Lola walks on Wareham Forest, Bournemouth Beaches, Arne and the Purbecks.


Poppy 1999


Poppy is a 15 month old Cockapoo who loves to run and would recommend the stretch of beach between Boscombe Pier and East Cliff in the winter months.

Out of season, Poppy also enjoys a run on Hengistbury Head and the Bournemouth beaches.




Amber and Rufus 2001


Amber and Rufus

Amber, 4 years old and Rufus, 18 months old are Beagles from Upton. Lauren says that they are 'friendly beagles who love to explore'. 

Amber and Rufus are regular walkers at Upton Country Park, Upton Heath and Sandbanks beach.


Chilli Pepper

Chilli Pepper

Chilli Pepper and Bridget Jones are 1 year old Miniature Dachshunds from Fontmell Magna. They enjoy walks in the countryside around the village and according to Briony while they may only have little legs they are always up for a walk!

Bridget Jones

and Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones and Chilli Pepper are more new arrivals to Dorset so they are still exploring dog friendly options.

There are lots of great walks on the Out & About pages of the website or if you are new to the area why not join us on one of our sociable Guided Walkies - details on the Events page. 

Kobe 2005


Shhhhh....this is Kobe from Bournemouth, he's a 1 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

When Kobe isn't sleeping he regularly walks in Throop as he lives close to the river and his favourite place to walk is Hengistbury Head. Arianna says 'We love our river walks together, and cuddles on the sofa!'

Louis 2006


Louis is a 2 year 2 month old Yorkie Poo from Parkstone who walks in Parkstone, Upton Country Park and Sandbanks beaches.

Louis has joined us on a few of our recent guided walks and enjoyed running off lead. Nicola describes Louis as an 'adorable little boy who has brought us such pleasure'.

Bea 2007


Bea is 50% Chocolate Labrador, 45% Collie with some Staffie thrown in as well. This 2 year old was one of 8 siblings and has been a good girl from the start, well socialised and incredibly well behaved...until she sees a cat!

Jo says that Bea's presence in her life has made such a difference to her own well-being and she couldn't ask for a better four legged companion.

Bea loves swimming and playing with other dogs and walks at Upton Heath, Canford Heath, Delph Woods, Durlston Country Park - check out the dog-friendly page (visitor attractions section) for more about Durlston -  and local beaches.



Georgie 2009


A 4 month old Cockapoo from Bournemouth who loves the beach and regularly walks on Durley Chine beach and Hengistbury Head.

Snowy 2010


This 4 year old West Highland Terrier from Hamworthy enjoys enjoy swimming in Poole Harbour and chasing squirrels.

Snowy loves exploring new places to walk as well as seeing her doggy friends at their local Hamworthy Park.

Arlo 2011


Our youngest member this month, welcome little 3 week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Arlo. 

We hope to see you on one of our walks in the future Arlo!

Charlie 2013


Coral told us that Charlie is an amazing swimmer and will swim in anything from the sea to the smallest puddle - normally a muddy one! 

This 4 year old Golden Retriever's favourite place to walk is Hamworthy Park as it is dog friendly all year round.

Coral has recently joined us as a Dorset Dogs Ambassador - our volunteer force is worth it's weight in gold, if you could volunteer to help us at our events or doing other tasks please do email us at

Ted 2014


A fun loving, 10 month old Border Terrier from Poole who loves to play with all the dogs he meets.

According to Liam he is happiest running along Sandbanks beach and Shell Bay and is a 'joy to have in our home'.

Dexter Laika Holly

Dexter, Laika and Holly

A family of Labradors with 9 and a half year old Dextor, 13 year old Holly and Laika who is 3 who walk in the fields adjoining their house and recommend Badbury Rings and Hive Beach as great dog walking sites.

Liz says that Dexter always has to carry something in his mouth and is a loveable clown.


Dexter and Laika hope to have puppies in March, while Holly is enjoying a leisurely retirement.


Dexter Laika Holly 2  
Rampage 2018


This West Highland Terrier loves playing in the park with his best friends Fred the Beagle, Lottie Lou the Lab and Jasper the Golden Retriever. He enjoys walks at Slade Farm and on the beach.

He also loves looking after his pregnant mummy and sleeping on her bump!

Bailey 2019


Alison says of 18 month old Springer Spaniel, Bailey, that he is a 'lovely, friendly dog who loves nothing more than chasing his ball'. He also loves a fuss and his home comforts.

Bailey walks in Bere Regis and Mays Wood and his favourite places to walk are Wareham Forest and Studland Beach.

Tula 2020


Tula, the Cockapoo often walks in Wareham Forest and Kimmeridge and also enjoys the Sika Trail.

Charlie 2021


What a great smile! Charlie is an 11 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Bournemouth.

Danielle says that Charlie may look mean but he is a complete wimp. He likes to be his own dog and do his own thing. Charlie is not good with younger, bigger or bouncy dogs who run up to him - as he is a rescue dog and was sadly very mistreated as a puppy up until he found his new home with Danielle at 8 years old. 

We have information about the Yellow Dog Scheme - for dogs that need space - on our website.

Now Charlie enjoys ball chasing or being under the duvet in Winter, ball chasing and longer walks in Spring, ball chasing in the morning followed by catching flies and dips in the pool in the Summer guessed it, ball chasing and nice walks in the Autumn (unless its raining in which case its a duvet day!).

Murphy 2022


And last for our photo members in Murphy.

A 2 year old Golden Doodle from Corfe Mullen, Murphy particularly enjoys groups walks especially at the Sika Trail and Wareham Forest.


New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we'd love to see you in the photo too!

Welcome to to everyone else who's joined this month:

ALISTER is an 8 month old Lurcher from Blandford Forum who enjoys regular walks in Blandford and Wyke Down. Emma told us that Alister is very friendly and playful and would like to make more friends. They are building him up to new places but would love to walk everywhere in Dorset. We hope to see Emma and Alister on one of our sociable Guided Walkies soon - details on the Events page. 

ARCHIE a 6 year old from Wimborne who loves walking on the coast. Patricia told us that 'Archie with the attitude does not like men, the vet or his face being touched.'

TYRION and KOBA a 4 year old Pug and 6 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback regularly walk the Castleman Trail, Delph Woods, Canford Heath, Badbury Rings, Ashington Meadow and Wimborne to Pamphill. They would suggest any of the fabulous beaches or woodlands as each new season brings a new walk to life. Claire says that 'my dogs are my world, from the little Pug full of attitude to my huge Ridgeback who is quite simply a gentle giant.' 

BAILIE is a Doberman from Oakdale. This 5 year old walks at Wareham Forest, Upton Heath and Sandford. Jaime told us that Bailie has just lost her best friend Oscar and she is very scared of the car so they have been going out in the car everyday to overcome this. 

MARIN a 9 year old Terrier cross is a very energetic terrier who Jayne says definitely doesn't act her age. Marin loves an early morning walk on the beach and during the busy season they tend to retreat to the New Forest and enjoy exploring areas off the beaten track.

HOLLY is a medium cross from Kingsbury who is moving to Poole and will be researching and exploring the area.

DILLON and LOCI are a 11 year old Jack Russell cross and 5 year old Cocker Spaniel who love anywhere where there is water! They enjoy walks at Poole Harbour as the water stays shallow and they can run out quite far for their ball. Regular walks for Dillon and Loci include Baiter Park, Poole Park, Upton, Sandbanks and Bournemouth beaches.

STANLEY and NELLIE are Border Terriers from Parkstone. Jill told us that 5 year old Stanley is a sociable dog who will soon be joined by 8 week old puppy Nellie. Jill has recently retired and would like to get involved in group dog walks - hopefully we will see you at one of our Guided Walkies in the future - see the Events page on the website for more details.

ARLO from Verwood is a 4 and a half year old Cockapoo that loves going for muddy walks in the forest and enjoys walks at Moors Valley.


If your dog is not a member yet you can find out about the doggy do code and join here to receive your free members pack.