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June 2018 New Members

IF you send in a photo of your dog when you join online you will automatically be one of our 'Dogs of the Month'! 

Did you know Dogs of the Month have their own special class at Dorset Dogs' annual Festival?

Don't forget we'd LOVE to see you with your dog in the photos too!

Welcome to our June members.....

Polar 2095


Polar is a 4 year old Alaskan Malamute who is a big friendly giant. Polar enjoys walks in Wareham Forest and Studland Beach.

During the spring & summer months we're asked by local Rangers to inform people about where they need to be aware of birds nesting on the grounds on heaths or other specialised habitats - at this time of year dogs need to stay on the paths with us in those areas.

Check out the 'out & about' pages to find off-lead places to go, all-year round dog-friendly beaches and more information about nature reserves and their wildlife too!

Homer 2097


This 12 year old Whippet from Cerne Abbas normally walks in Cerne and the local area, Poundbury, along the River Frome and Hillfield.

Carol told us that although Homer is getting older he is still fit.


Holly 2097

and Holly

Holly lives with Homer and is a 5 year old small cross breed Terrier. Holly is a Greek rescue dog, loves walks, but is a little timid around other dogs due to her past experiences. Carol told us she just loves her walks here in Dorset.


Toby 2098


Toby is a 4 year old Border Terrier from Portland who loves walking in Westcliffe.

Hilary says that if Toby sees a cat he will not move - not even to go for his walk!

Ollie 2099


Ollie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Bournemouth who loves the beach and can't wait to get to the sand to start digging.

Ollie walks at Redhill Park and Hengistbury Head and along the River Stour.


Gracie 2100


This 7 year old Miniature Schnauzer from Weymouth regularly walks The Fleet and also enjoys walks on The Nothe or the Lodmore Route.


Skid 2103


Skid is a 14 year old Australian Shepherd from Shaftesbury.


Poppy 2103


Poppy is a 6 year old Australian Shepherd who lives with Skid. Poppy and Skid are both rescue dogs and their favourite place to walk is Melbury Down.

Dylan 2104


Sharon says that Dylan, a 6 year old Jack Russell, is a plodder unless there is ball around. As Dylan is so laid back they thought he would appreciate a pal so Ollie joined the family.



Ollie 2104


Ollie, the 6 year old Jack Russell and Dylans pal, is not laid back on any level but luckily he's cute and gets forgiven says Sharon. They wouldn't change either of them though!

Laid back Dylan and not so laid back Ollie enjoy walking in Thorncombe Wood and on Studland Beach.


Polly 2105


Polly is a 3 year and 3 months old Labrador Collie cross from Lytchett Matravers who walks at Holton Lee, Badbury Rings, Wareham Forest and Corfe Mullen Rec.

Deb told us that as Polly struggles in the hot sun they love woodland walks and water.

Charlie 2106


Charlie is a 9 year old Chocolate Labrador who regularly walks in Winterborne Kingston, Wareham Forest and Studland Beach.



Rocky 2111


A Yellow Labrador who is only a puppy so hasn't fully explored yet.


New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we'd love to see you in the photo too!

Welcome to to everyone else who's joined this month:

GOLDEN RETRIEVER puppy at only 9 weeks old is yet to be named but his family have joined Dorset Dogs looking for ideas and suggestions. There is lots of information in our 'Wagipawdia'.

BARNEY is a 3 year old Puggle who regularly walks in forested areas. Barney and his family are new to Dorset and looking forward to exploring the area. Check out the Out & About pages to find off lead places to go, all year round dog friendly beaches and more information about nature reserves or join us on one of our sociable Guided Walkies - details on the Events page.

DORIS enjoy walks mostly around Wimborne, Bytheway Field, Stour Valley Way and Whitecliff. Doris is a 4 and a half month old Sprocker who loves going to work with Philippa when out on deliveries and loves her walk when they finish. 

WILLOW is a 5 year old Labradoodle from Wareham who walks locally and would suggest Wareham Forest as a great dog walking site. 

JAMES is an 18 month old Cockerpoo. Marjory told us he loves big spaces where he can run and he make friends to run around with. James enjoys a good walk and run on Avon Beach, Cliffhanger Beach, Mudeford and Hengistbury Head.

ELLA and KUSH and ABI a 10 year old Golden Retriever and 9 year old Staffie from Osmington who walk in fields and on the beaches. Ella loves the water, Kush hates it and Abi is not fussed.

NIA and CAP are both 7 year old Border Collies from Weymouth. Nicky told us that they are new to the area and don't have any regular or favourite walking places yet. Nia and Cap both love the water.

LENNY the Cocker Spaniel is 3 months old and has only been going out for short spells of exercise so far but Fiona told us they are looking forward to longer walks in new places as Lenny grows. Lenny has been exploring Southbourne Beach, Queen's Park and Stanpit Rec.

CUSCO is a typical Cocker Spaniel - everything is always new and needs to be investigated. Cusco loves people and pubs with pork scratchings! He regularly walks at Branksome rec, Alexandra Park, the Purbecks, New Forest, Upton and on the beach. 

DOTTIE a small 10 month old cross breed from Bournemouth is an emotional support dog who loves walking at Upton Country Park and Cannon Hill.


If your dog is not a member yet you can find out about the doggy do code and join here to receive your free members pack.