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Love your pet.. love your vet... Hillside's Summer 2018 Health News

It's getting hot out there!

We all love the warmer weather and summer is a great time to be outside with your pets, so here are some topical seasonal tips to keep them fit and healthy:

Parasite alert: It's important to ensure you are using adequate fela and tick protection. Check your pet after every walk to spot if any ticks have become attached. These can be anywhere - around the head, under the belly or in armpits. Ticks can be removed using a special tick device or in the surgery. There are a range of tablets, collars and spot-on products to kill ticks and fleas. Fleas can quickly multiply, especially in multi-pet households, so make sure all your animals are up to date with their treatment. Please ask us for advice on the best flea and tick products for your pets.

Heat stroke is caused by a drastic increase in body temperature, usually from periods of exercise in the sun. It is difficult to treat and often fatal. Most dogs do not know when to stop and will keep chasing balls despite becoming over-heated. It is very important not to play with your pet outside in the hot weather. Using paddling pools and ice cubes in water to help them keep cool, and walk your pets early in the morning and late in the evening. Remember NEVER leave your pet in a warm car - with their furry coats they can over-heat very rapidly.

Enjoy the summer months, have fun and keep your pets safe.

Hillside Veterinary Centre in Corfe Mullen.  



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