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November & December 2016 New Members

IF you send in a photo of your dog when you join online you will automatically be one of our 'Dogs of the Month'! 

Did you know Dogs of the Month have their own special class at Dorset Dogs' annual Festival. 

Don't forget we'd LOVE to see you with your dog in the photos too!

Wonderful winters' woofers!  Say hello to.....

Lady 1793



Ah now I know this special Lady!  I'm afraid to say I stepped on her foot on one of our Guided Walkies!  She's since been along to more with housemate Rosie and I think she's forgiven me!

See if you can spot Lady on the recent walkies to Agglestone Rock - take a look through the photo album

Rosie 1793



This is Lady's housemate. Kev and Louise told us that Rosie & Lady love to go on walks and meet new doggie and human friends - we can vouch for that as you can see from the photos (link above).

Rosie also loves to go in the sea.

These 2 regularly visit The Milldown, another great place for dogs who like to socialise!

Evie 1788



Evie and Lola are housemates from Portland, Evie's a Jack Russell.

Kerry says 'Our dogs love long walks off the lead preferably and enjoy exploring new places. They especially like  being by the sea and often have a little dip'.  Brrr I expect they ask for a good rub down to warm and dry after that at the moment!

Lola 1788



...and Lola's a mixture of breeds.  They enjoy Weymouth Beach in the winter and take trips to the New Forest in the summer, as well as regular walks around Portland including Portland Bill (do you know Portland? Unusual landscapes and wonderful views) and Lodmoor.

Ellie 1784



Westie Ellie is only 18 months old and loves 'cuddles, laps and walks - not so keen on cats and hedgehogs!' - many dogs have a hedgehog fascination!  Does yours? I'm guessing aversion comes with overenthusiastic experience..

Ellie enjoys some of our favourite places, like the North Dorset Trailway, Kingston Lacy, Stour Meadows, Studland and Sandbanks - you'll find them all on the 'Out and About' pages.



Maddy 1794



This little Jack Russell  'is great fun, mad as a bag of frogs with lots of energy!' says Karen.

She enjoys lots of lovely walks around the Frampton area.


Pip 1787



This cocker isn't daft!  He is a fan of Upton Country Park and Wareham Forest - great places to run off all that energy!
Poppy 1789



John says Chorkie (Yorkie x Chihuahua) Poppy  'She enjoys being off the lead but is happy on the lead when I take her down Poole High Street, looking for scraps'.

She enjoys Baiter Park when it's not waterlogged, that one is on the Poole shoreline, it's not on the 'out and about' pages yet but you can find out more at Baiter & Whitecliff Park ('Harbourside')

That's one of the places we've held 'information pit stops' and guided walkies this year (keep an eye on the events pages or Facebook for more).  Look out for those birds!

Rosie 1796

lip-smackin' Rosie!

This Rosie is a Yorkie from Swanage and we hear she has a seagull friend! 

Do tell us more Jasmine who's this seagull friend? Email !

Patch 1791



Patch is a rescue dog, he's such a loving dog to humans, but is in training as he's not so great around other dogs yet.  He's a Patterdale cross Jack Russell - a Patterjack!


Bonnie 1802



Mary says this Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever ' very independent, not the most affectionate but does love a good tummy rub' - ah it's a dog's life!

As you might expect she does enjoy the water!



New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we'd love to see you in the photo too!

Welcome to to everyone else who's joined this month:

BOBBY - A Staffie, a Caring Canine much-loved by the residents of a local home!

MOOSE ​- A Boxer who always has a ball!

OZZIE - A Jack Russell cross who's new to the area and enjoys open spaces and woods - lots to explore in Dorset Ozzie!

SAM rescued from Battersea and TREACLE from Margaret Green Animal Rescue.

DAGAN and TARYN, friendly and energetic Labrador Retrievers.

MOLLIE the cocker who enjoys 'great thinking space and views' from the Agglestone Rock

REGGIE and LACEY, who I've been lucky enough to meet at Guided Walkies

SCOOBY a Labrador who enjoys the Chines as they're 'beautiful and change throughout the year'

PIPPA a Yellow Lab who enjoys her seaside walks

LEVI and  ZION  who will hopefully be joining us for a sociable walkies soon.

If your dog is not a member yet you can find out about the doggy do code and join here to receive your free members pack.