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Securely fenced sites, enclosures and fields

Do you need a securely fenced site?  Or do you have an area you could hire out?

Do you need sole use sessions for training and exercise? - both Doogies & Dorset Dogs, amongst many other individuals and trainers, are seeking more places like this so if you are an interested land owner who might be able to offer a site for hire get in touch, if you are a dog owner looking for use of a site like this please let us know so we can show the demand and keep you up-to-date. 

Areas close to Bournemouth and Poole or other larger urban centres are particularly needed but anywhere in Dorset could bring in extra income for landowners and mean that dogs can be trained and exercised responsibly, avoiding causing problems elsewhere.

Public fenced areas free of charge - open to all (not sole use)

There are securely fenced areas for general public use within Slades Open Space & Upton Country Park. Great for training in fenced area if you don't need sole use areas!  They are relatively small but great for training.

Fields available for hire now (sole use)!

Some great news on this - there is now a field for hire near Fordingbridge

If you're further West/North you could try

There is also an enclosed field in the Wareham area called Dixey's Meadow, it's in a beautiful setting and will be absolutely great for some dogs, whilst for others the boundaries may not be sufficiently high/escape-proof so it's one to check out to decide if it is suitable for your dog. Lucy the owner can be contacted on 07979 902045 or email

And near Owermoigne at Watercombe House is The Meadow, a totally enclosed half acre exercise area just for dogs. It is available for individuals to rent to exercise and train their own dogs, the whole field is stock fenced up to 1.2 metres. Further details at and to book please e mail: 

Let's hope this list grows!

For more information about why dogs may need sole use hire, or hire with their buddies only, check out the Yellow Dog article in Wagipawdia.