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September 2018 New Members

IF you send in a photo of your dog when you join online you will automatically be one of our 'Dogs of the Month'! 

Did you know Dogs of the Month have their own special class at Dorset Dogs' annual Festival?

Don't forget we'd LOVE to see you with your dog in the photos too!

Welcome to our September members.....

Molly 2146


Molly is a 7 year old Minature Poodle from Gillingham. 

During the spring & summer months we're asked by local Rangers to inform people about where they need to be aware of birds nesting on the grounds on heaths or other specialised habitats - in autumn and winter it's the birds who flock to our Dorset coast who need extra care....

The flocks may be exhausted and hungry after long journeys or simply trying to survive the winter so we can help by keeping our distance and making sure our dogs do too, so they can feed and rest in peace. Find out more about them or do our quiz by clicking here!

Orka 2146

and Orka, Kai and Miiko

Molly is mum to Orka and Kai and Kai is mum to Miiko.


Thanos 2148


Thanos is a Sprocker Spaniel who regularly walks at Shearwater lake and field where there is a lovely stream that the dogs love to play in together.



New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we'd love to see you in the photo too!

Welcome to to everyone else who's joined this month:

TOFFEE a 6 year old Jack Russell and Border Terrier cross from Poole regularly walks on Canford Heath and would suggest walking at Hengistbury Head.

TEDDY is a 3 year old Cockapoo who enjoys walking at Cannon Hill Woods, Bytheway Field and Holt Heath and would recommend walks at Hengistbury Head, Badbury Rings and Didlington.

RICO loves river walks and the beach. This 4 year old Springador enjoys a walk at Hengistbury Head.

SPIGGY an eleven and a half year old Boxer from Poole regularly walks at Tadnoll Heath, Wool woods, beaches, local fields, water meadows and Country Parks and suggests the beaches in Autumn as great dog walking sites.

CHARLIE is described by Julie as a lovely, friendly dog. This 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is new to area but so far enjoys walking at West Moors.


If your dog is not a member yet you can find out about the doggy do code and join here to receive your free members pack.