Pawseidon Hydro-Hub

Pawseidon Hydro-Hub
Telephone: 01202 929518
Address: Unit 27, Cabot lane, Albany Park, Poole, BH17 7BX

Your dog may have experienced severe physical and mental trauma; be an international athlete or; a loving companion. However, we promote the physical and mental Health of all dogs. At Pawseidon, we don’t dwell on the ‘what is’: we focus on the ‘what can be’…

Through Hydrotherapy and other non-invasive therapies; we provide sound rehabilitation, promote fitness and stimulate mental wellbeing. Our behavioural training wing will promote good behaviour allowing owners and their dogs a chance to strengthen that true and unbreakable connection.

Pawseidon believe in the 1%s. Regardless of the odds: EVERY dog deserves the chance of a better life… so join us.