Love Dogs... Love Nature

Year of the Dog 2012

Lots of smells to snuffle and sights to see....


Let's start off with one dog's 'growing up' story of 2012, the story of little Bean discovering the world... 

Make sure you scroll across - 4 photos wide!  


1 aLittle Bean

 Hello Bean!


 2 Bean and Rach fall in love at first sight  

Bean & Rachel fall in love at first sight

  little Bean 2  



 2 lifes so fabulously exhausting

 life's so fabulously exhausting



3 Exhausting life

Still exhausted

4 Hard days play

After a hard days play

5 Wearing your heart on your sleeve

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

6 Bean curl

Bean curl 


Hard days play


8 Bean n chew

Jaw exercises

7 Bean busy

Bean busy




10 Curiouser and curiouser

Curiouser & curiouser

 11 Under the hedge

Under the hedge

10 on the wall

On top of the wall

13 Vroom vroom

Growing up! Vroom vroom!




16 Bean n Earl keeping to the paths in nesting season

Bean and Earl keeping to the heathland paths at nesting time

18 Patience stretched

Waiting patiently

17 Bean n Earl on heath

Bean and Earl keep watch

19 and SHAKE

and SHAKE...


20 Tally and Bean - another hard day helping at the office

Unusual feature of special heathland landscapes:   a Tally and Bean heap 

21 Are you coming then - this way

Are you coming then?

This way!

22 Bean and

29 warming up inside

Practising warming up

30 keeping warm on fire guard

& keeping warm on fire guard duty

31 - cmon time to play

C'mon it must be time to play!

32 Helping with the woodland management

After such a hard-working day!

33 long days work

Another clear-up job in progress

34 Upsidedown

Sometimes life's all upside-down

36 Yowch


35 Poor paw Bean

Poor paw Bean!

37 Recuperating 2

Recuperating nicely



38 still Recuperating

Still recuperating nicely!

39 Bean LOVES Mum

All well again!

Bean LOVES Mum



So we've met Bean and seen a little bit of his 'growing up' year, now let's take an unfettered (and unchronological) romp through 2012 with lots of Dorset Dogs!


Maize and Clover joyous

Maize & Clover just loving life!

Earl with Dorset Wildlife Trusts GreenTeam

Earl out with Dorset Wildlife Trust's Green Team

aShand enjoying winter sunshine

Mellow Shand enjoys some winter sunshine

Bruno knows how to chillax

...whilst housemate Bruno is even more laid back

Earl supervising DWTs GreenTeam fencing

Earl supervising DWT Green Team fencing



Noblesse oblige

Hufkin surveying the landscape

2012 026

Jess helps Su at one of Dorset Dog's pit stops


Alfie should be in films, just look at that fabulous pose!


...Buba's more interested in DIGGING!

Handsome mud beast

looking whimsically, beautifully muddiful...

Buba monitoring condition of rare sundews

Monitoring the condition of rare sundews

just sure it went this way

I'll just investigate...

Ill just check

...a little further

If you cant take the heat..

Cooling down daydreaming...

Buba on the heath path

....remembering her youthful discoveries

aBenson 012

Don't be fooled!

Benson 011

Benson's a big softie

..but, in public, mastiffs are one of the breeds that must, by law, be muzzled, however sweet their individual temperament.

Benson 017

Benson soaking up the sun during a check on the ponies

Benson 018

Benson takes a bow

Benson really is a big softie

...a really BIG softie

Anyone for croquet

Anyone for croquet?

British White cattle and ponies 001

Bit of poetic license with the subject matter..

British Whites & Ponies catch-up meeting

2012 028

Pit stop at Dorset Dogs Festival


Jess in Spetisbury stream with Rudi and Josh

Jess in Spetisbury stream with Rudi & Josh (before the floods!)


site layout DD FEST 2012 051

more rare and wonderful sunshine at Dorset Dogs Festival

site layout DD FEST 2012 014

Have a look at for more!

Rambo lous 1st birthday 005

Rambo had his first first birthday in 2012

Wilma Dog of the Month did Wilma!


Harry on the rolling downs


Hermione at home in the garden


Cricket at the beach


Zeus in the woods


and Shanti out in the grassland


Bobby fell off a cliff right at the beginning of 2012, chasing a seagull - if he went anywhere near a cliff now he'd be happy on his lead!  Miraculously he was ok in the end, with just a broken toe & a chipped tooth.


Cullie on look-out duty


Buba with a pine cone under surveillance

Billie loves her sticks

Billie sticks with it at Hod Hill

garden June 12 071

Jess on garden patrol

Buba checking the work gear

Buba checks the kit's all there

Buba and Earl wait patiently on the lead

Buba and Earl waiting patiently for someone to take the lead

Bournemouth Canine Association August 2012

Dorset Dogs Pit stop puzzles at Bournemouth Canine Association Show

Earl doing the shingle shimmy

Earl doing the shingle shimmy

Earl on path

and taking a rest on the path

Slades Farm Dog Play Patch June 2012 004

At Slades Farm open space doggy play patch

Slades Farm Dog Play Patch June 2012 007

Is it my turn yet?

Slades Farm Dog Play Patch June 2012 010

Race yer!

Slade's Farm Open Space Doggy Play Patch

Check out  Slades Open Space, Bournemouth

Daisy-Resting-at-Home 21Mar2012 0036 edited-1

Daisy having a golden relaxing time at home

Elsa running on a heathland path

Elsa going for a run on a heathland path

Earl in Winter grass heath

Earl on winter grassland

Dog and cattle together

Gordon looking after 'his' cattle

Slade's Farm Open Space Doggy Play Patch

Space to play

Bupa on patrol

Buba on patrol!

Jess checks out Corfe Castle

Jess being historical at Corfe Castle

New low cost digger triumphant

New low-cost superb 'green' digger joins the team 

Helping dig a pond

Tally helps with pond restoration

Dorset Water Sprollies

Dorset Water Sprollies

Expert excavations at the beach

Clover & Maize take it in turns to guard the ball at their seaside retreat

Walking on water

Walking on water! -  But 'don't try this at home' - Buba's 'Dad' knows it's only a couple of inches deep below - never let your dog go on frozen water unless you're sure it's very shallow.

Jess n Rudi on the public footpath near Badbury Rings

Jess and Rudi explore the public footpaths near Badbury Rings

Tally at Studland

Tally cutting a fine figure at Studland Beach

winter blue sunshine

Winter blue gold sunshiny day


Gandi (Gandalf) at Hod Hill

Gorgeous Gandi (Gandalf)

Buba Water Ball

Buba having a ball in the water!

Poor paw Buba

Poor paw Buba

Theres a time to lead...

There's a time to lead..

Hufkin & Buba

Doing a stock check

Tally doing a stock check

shingle beach sun n Bean

Shingle beach sun n Bean - can't beat Dorset beaches!

(But keep clear of cliffs & mudflows at the moment - all the wet weather is giving us lots of  landslips, rockfalls & mudflows)




Bailey at the harbour


John Williamson 120201 123101

John's dog thinks 2012's been a bit of a mud path..

John Williamson 120201 125254

Cosy coats for chilly days



..just a quick nap before lunch

Winsome Buba in the heath

WINSOME Buba in heather

Water Buba

Water Buba!

Intrepid Buba doing Bear Grylls training

Intrepid Buba

Oh for midsummer

Oh for midsummer daydreams

Buba nose you know

Buba nose you know


Turbary Talbot pit stops ponies

Ponies grazing on an urban heath visit the Dorset Dogs pit stop

Arson road show

Dorset Dog new members visiting the Arson Roadshow

Fascinated at Dorset Dogs pit stops

 Fascinated at the Dorset Dogs pit stop!


Autumn leaf snuffling


Spot Jess in beech camouflage gear, autumn leaf snuffling

Running in joy

Sunshine!  Open spaces!


So that's it for this round-up of some of the best bits of 2012 and some wonderful Dorset Dogs...

Make sure you take some photos when you're out and about for Year of the Dog 2013,  hope to see you at a pit stop or the Dorset Dogs Festival 2013 and have a fantastic year!