Dorset Dogs is proud to work in partnership with different organisations on a range of projects.

Dorset Dogs - Partnerships - Coastwise Canines

Bird and Recreation Initiative

The Bird and Recreation Initiative’s mission is to protect threatened bird species in Poole Harbour and promote wildlife friendly recreation. Working with residents, recreation communities, charities and land managers to find positive solutions through engagement, infrastructure improvements and monitoring, they aim to deliver projects that protect bird life and in turn enhances Poole Harbour for all.

During the autumn and winter Dorset Dogs works in partnership with the Bird and Recreation Initiative (BARI) raising awareness of the special birds that overwinter in Poole Harbour and how dog owners can help them survive and thrive. Each year we welcome a seasonal member of staff and dedicated member of the Dorset Dogs team to work on behalf of BARI and alongside the BARI Coastal Engagement Warden, delivering Pitstops and engagement across Poole Harbour.

Watch how Dorset Dogs and BARI have been working together in this video

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

In 2021 we teamed up with Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service to launch the K9 Firewise Patrol, inspired by a similar model developed by Surrey Fire and Rescue and Thames Basin Heaths Partnership’s Heathland Hounds.

People walking with dogs are often the main visitors to green spaces and the countryside. We are ‘eyes & ears’, discouraging anti-social behaviour simply by being there, or reporting fires or other incidents. We introduced this new voluntary scheme, asking our Dorset Dogs community to help observe what’s happening on our heathlands and reporting any suspicious behaviour directly to the emergency services.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

Joining the K9 Firewise Patrol

K9 Firewise Patrol volunteers, regularly walk on the heath with their dogs looking out for any signs of fire or suspicious behaviour that may link to wildfires. After each walk, we ask the walkers to complete the online logging tool, that helps us monitor the scheme and since starting our volunteers have recorded over 730 patrols.

K9 Firewise Patrol dogs get an eye-catching lead and bandana and their owners get a short 1-hour induction training session highlighting the scheme, safety issues and what the expectations are. Over the last 3 years we have grown to a small group of core members who report year round with additional volunteers joining for the summer season.

South Counties Canine Access Management Partnership

South Counties Canine Access Management Partnership

The Southern Counties Canine Access Partnership or SCCAMP is an exciting partnership which formed at the end of 2020. Dorset Dogs, Bird AwareSolent, Devon Loves Dogs, Heathland Hounds, Forestry England, New Forest National Park to work more closely on a number of dog related projects. The partnership is continuing to grow with new members joining.

Each of the organisations in the SCCAMP are actively engaged in championing positive management of dogs in the coast and countryside and raising awareness of the importance of responsible dog ownership in their geographical areas.

SCCAMP hosted and delivered ‘Celebrating Canines and the Countryside’ – a week of events and activities dedicated to dogs and the outdoors. Across the partners, the week included pitstops / information stands, guided walks, videos, activities, online and live Q&As, online and virtual quizzes and sharing and cross posting of content on social media. Dorset Dogs produced a Quiz Show dedicated to dogs and the outdoors with panelists from SCCAMP and special guest Stephen Jenkinson.

Love Dogs…Love Nature SCCAMP video

SCCAMP has combined forces on a number of projects including a new film produced in collaboration with Dog Behaviourist, Natalie Light which highlights top tips on how owners and their dogs can enjoy the great outdoors safely, while also helping to protect our countryside and wildlife.

Plus five bite size 50 second top tip training videos where Natalie shares some excellent advice on topics such as loose lead walking, how to get better recall, new games to make walks more fun and some great ideas for working around distractions when walking.