New film produced by ‘SCCAMP’

Walking is great for our mental and physical health, and it is even more enjoyable when we have our four-legged friends with us. Thanks to a new film produced in collaboration with dog behaviourist Natalie Light, discover some top tips on how you and your dog can enjoy the great British countryside safely this summer. With livestock … Read more

Happy, Healthy and Stress Free Walks

A Webinar for Dog Owners 31 March 2021 – 6.30 to 8.00pm. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be extending our ‘Happy, Healthy and Stress Free Walks’ webinar series with a special, one off edition for dog owners. Stephen Jenkinson and Bev the Vet will be back as guest speakers for this special event. Registration … Read more

Dorset Council – Dogs in Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)

The Dorset Council wide Dog related Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) came into force on 1 January this year. A comprehensive response on behalf of Dorset Dogs (listed as Official Organisational response) was submitted some of which you can read in the Consultation report:Consultation on dogs in public spaces ( Advice and guidance to dog … Read more

Summer newsletter 2020

bucket of rubbish with big white fluffy dog sat next to it

Moving on I’m just about to move on from Dorset Dogs and will miss the work very much – most especially the people and dogs I’ve met through it (the loss of early mornings standing outside with the information pit stop in the depths of winter will be a little easier to bear!). It will … Read more

Quiz answers

STOP! If you haven’t done the quiz yet go there first! Quiz – love dogs love nature! If you’ve already done the quiz – proceed! Name the most popular dog breed in 2019? a) Labrador Retrieverb) English Springer Spanielc) Shih Tzud) Jack Russelle) French Bulldogf) Cocker Spanielg) Staffordshire Bull Terrier ANSWER = a) Labrador Retrieversource: … Read more

Quiz – love dogs…love nature!

Small child and dog on path in heathland under moody skies

Have a go! Semi-serious, semi-silly, shamelessly awareness-raising & a bit of fun! Write down your answers then check them out here afterwards! Name the most popular dog breed in 2019? a) Labrador Retrieverb) English Springer Spanielc) Shih Tzud) Jack Russelle) French Bulldogf) Cocker Spanielg) Staffordshire Bull Terrier How many households in the UK have pet … Read more

Bailey’s black adder

Little Bailey has joined us on guided walkies before, Jane told us she surprised an adder and was bitten earlier this week, but we’re so relieved to hear she is recovering well as Jane did the right thing and got her to the vet asap. Bailey’s vet said this was the first adder bite they … Read more

BBQs Burn More Than Bangers

‘BBQs Burn More Than Bangers’ is a campaign to remind people that BBQs are illegal on heathlands. On average, Dorset is subject to over 100 heathland wildfires a year, a high proportion of these can be attributed to a heathland barbecue gone wrong. This campaign aims to raise awareness that it is illegal to barbecue … Read more

Dorset Open Spaces survey

Urban Heaths Partnership logo

If you live anywhere in Dorset (with or without dogs!) and have 5 minutes to spare please do this survey! This includes both Dorset Council and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BCP) areas, we are all part of the county of Dorset. The Urban Heaths Partnership are looking at the impact covid-19 is having on … Read more

Dorset Council Consultation on dogs in public spaces – extended

Dogs, & people in wellies, in winter sea on a bright day at Sandbanks Beach West all year round dog-friendly beach.

Dorset Council is extending this public consultation by three weeks to make sure people who were unable to obtain a paper version from libraries or the Council offices (due to coronavirus lockdown) can do so. This will help inform the development of the new Dorset-wide Dog-related Public Spaces Protection Order. The consultation is a chance … Read more