BBQs Burn More Than Bangers

‘BBQs Burn More Than Bangers’ is a campaign to remind people that BBQs are illegal on heathlands. On average, Dorset is subject to over 100 heathland wildfires a year, a high proportion of these can be attributed to a heathland barbecue gone wrong. This campaign aims to raise awareness that it is illegal to barbecue … Read more

Dorset Open Spaces survey

Urban Heaths Partnership logo

If you live anywhere in Dorset (with or without dogs!) and have 5 minutes to spare please do this survey! This includes both Dorset Council and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BCP) areas, we are all part of the county of Dorset. The Urban Heaths Partnership are looking at the impact covid-19 is having on … Read more

Corona: Advice for dog owners

This page includes both points of guidance and points of law, drawing from the latest advice of Government, NHS, and our local police and local authorities. Their advice is, understandably, constantly evolving so do follow the links in blue text for the latest information. You can also find links to the latest news and guidance … Read more

Bin it at Home

IMPORTANT message for us from Dorset Council – it’s time to carry our dog poop bags back home and put them in our own bin, as street bins are not going to be emptied regularly. This is so that the people who usually do that job can be used for higher-priority services. Bag it and … Read more

Birds who nest on the ground?

Photo of Theodore Dorset Dog of the Year 2019 at Dorset Dogs Festival

Yes it’s true! – Lovely Theodore knows how we can help some of Britain’s rarest birds The rest of this article was written just before lockdown but it’s especially important to know about the ground-nesting birds at this time when we are being encouraged to spend time outdoors exercising once a day (but maintaining distance … Read more

How to share whilst keeping our distance

Saluki Bailey enjoying his playtime

We need to be aware of keeping our distance whilst out walking our dogs, following the latest guidance – – whilst we are all keeping our distance when out exercising ourselves and our dogs we can still share our pleasure in our dogs by sharing photos to the ‘Open to All’ album on Dorset … Read more

Hillside Vets Newsletter

Hillside Vets website have the latest updates and lots of useful and interesting information – find them here: Their Spring 2020 Newsletter is also available here The newsletter features articles including: Spring tick alert! The warmer spring weather brings with it a host of parasites. Whilst fleas can be very irritating (and a serious … Read more