Bin it at Home

IMPORTANT message for us from Dorset Council – it’s time to carry our dog poop bags back home and put them in our own bin, as street bins are not going to be emptied regularly. This is so that the people who usually do that job can be used for higher-priority services. Bag it and … Read more

How to share whilst keeping our distance

Saluki Bailey enjoying his playtime

We need to be aware of keeping our distance whilst out walking our dogs, following the latest guidance – – whilst we are all keeping our distance when out exercising ourselves and our dogs we can still share our pleasure in our dogs by sharing photos to the ‘Open to All’ album on Dorset … Read more

Hillside Vets Newsletter

Hillside Vets website have the latest updates and lots of useful and interesting information – find them here: Their Spring 2020 Newsletter is also available here The newsletter features articles including: Spring tick alert! The warmer spring weather brings with it a host of parasites. Whilst fleas can be very irritating (and a serious … Read more

Wintry coasts

dog watching Shelduck flying over

I’m sure you have a lively week ahead, but if you visit the coast around Poole Harbour and Studland please help us out and do our 2 minute survey! So that includes anyone who goes to Sandbanks, Studland, Hamworthy, Whitecliff and Baiter, Lytchett Bay, Holes Bay, Bramble Bush or Brands, Arne…in fact anywhere around the … Read more

Alabama Rot

‘Alabama Rot’ is a rare but serious disease. 198 cases have been reported in the UK in the 7 years leading up to December 2019 (stats from BBC South Breakfast news 12/12/2019). Go to the Animal Health & Wellbeing page in the Wagipawdia section of this website for further information and advice.