Securely Fenced Enclosures and Fields

Do you need a securely-fenced site? Or do you have an area you could hire out?

Do you need sole-use sessions for training and exercise? Dorset Dogs, amongst many other individuals and trainers, are seeking more places like this. So if you are an interested land owner who might be able to offer a site for hire get in touch; if you’re a dog owner looking for use of a site like this please let us know so we can show the demand and keep you up-to-date.

The securely-fenced enclosures listed on this page are not necessarily endorsed by Dorset Dogs, you should check which is the best one for you and your dog as this might depend on all sorts of factors. Some will be great for some dogs, whilst others the boundaries may not be sufficiently high or escape proof.

Areas close to Bournemouth, Poole and other larger urban centres are particularly needed but anywhere in Dorset could bring in extra income for landowners and mean that dogs who it is difficult to train or exercise in busier locations can be trained and exercised responsibly, avoiding causing problems elsewhere.

Public fenced areas free of charge – open to all (not all sole use)

There are securely-fenced areas for general public use within Slades Open Space and Upton Country Park (see the Out & About page for further information). Great for training in a fenced area if you don’t need sole-use areas! They are relatively small but great for training and at the Upton one people will generally practice an informal ‘one in one out’ policy when needed. At Canford Park SANG there is a larger secure fenced area to deer fencing height (about 6 feet), with trees for shade and a bench. It is for public use rather than sole use, but does have a notice asking visitors to ask before entering the enclosed area, so if someone is in there with a dog who needs their own space they can come out before someone else enters. You can also find Canford Park SANG on the Out & About pages.

Wild and Free Dog Meadows - Fordingbridge

Two secure off lead dog meadows on the outskirts of the New Forest. Fields in a rural setting with lots of enrichment activity equipment near Fordingbridge: Wild and Free Dog Meadows – Secure Off Lead Dog Meadows in the New Forest

Hayter’s Field - Wimborne

At Holt near Wimborne Hayter’s Field was opened in July 2020. They take bookings by phone on 01202 883171 through the farm office (office open 7.45am to 5.30pm Mon-Fri, Weds 7.45am-1pm & Sat 9am4pm). .

Polygon Pets and Petplan Dog Adventure Park – Canford Park SANG

Discover Polygon Pets and Petplan Dog Adventure Park at Canford Park SANG, Bournemouth BH21 3AS. Enjoy three flexible, enclosed areas for training recall, socialisation and fun dog agility (one area is by the SANG car park and the other two fields are within the SANG itself). Open sun up to sun down and pay as you go. Follow the link for Park information:

Oak Paddock - Upton

Oak Paddock is set in the beautiful countryside of Upton, just outside of Poole in Dorset. The private paddock is fully enclosed with 6 foot fencing (90% of which runs underground by 1 foot) with natural fauna, adventure equipment but also tunnels, log piles, tree trunks, lots of sniffy areas and different terrains. There is a summer house and picnic tables available for use where you can make a drink and take a seat whilst you watch your dog(s) having fun. Adjacent to the field is a residential property with dogs, chickens, cats, children and horses (see FAQs for further details). A maximum of two adults and four dogs per session. For more information visit: Secure dog walking field to hire Upton, Poole – Secure Dog Walking ( Bookings can be made directly through the website. If you would like to arrange an introductory visit before booking, please email:

Dixey’s Meadow - Wareham

In a beautiful setting with stunning views of the countryside. Improvements have been made to the fencing recently and it will be absolutely great for some dogs, whilst for others some of the boundaries may not be sufficiently high/escape-proof so it’s one to check out to decide if it is suitable for your dog. Lucy the owner can be contacted on 07979 902045 or email:

Purbeck Dog Park - Purbeck

Purbeck Dog Park offers enclosed private exercise fields, set in the heart of Purbeck, 2 miles from Corfe Castle. There are 6.5 acres of fields offering two large areas, Tranquil Meadow and Adventure Zone the fencing is stock fencing between 4 and 5 foot high with rabbit netting overlaid on the bottom 3 foot. Tranquil Meadow has double gated entry, privacy netting and extended to 5 foot using angled bars and woven tape. Partition fences are all in excess of 5 foot with rabbit netting overlaid. Further details at: Purbeck Dog Park | Scheduling and Booking Website ( Contact Melanie for Field Hire: 07745 763271

The Gallops - Whitcombe

The Gallops is a secure, enclosed deerfenced area with a variety of enriching activities-digging pits, log piles, jumps, platforms, sensory garden. It is appointment only with in field parking. Access to water and poo bins. Booking is done online via the website:

Eva’s Green Dog Field - Somerset

If you’re further West/North you could try lovely in Somerset.

Let’s hope the list of both publicly-available free enclosed areas and those for hire continues to grow!

For more information about why dogs may need sole-use secure areas, or those for hire with their buddies only, check out the Yellow Dog.

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