Dog Pick Up Bags

We’re excited to have teamed up with Green Poop Bag for our free Doggy Goody Bags

The Team at the Green Poop Bag gave us the low down (find our more here:

In the UK alone, over 12.5 million dogs produce waste weighing in at over 4000 tonnes (the equivalent of trying to ‘accommodate’ 40 blue whales every day!)

The Green Poop Bag – a green poo bag that really is green! The material you choose to wrap the poo in makes a big difference and we’re using these plastic free bags to help lower our and your dog’s poo-print on the planet.


Green Poop Bags are strong, easy to open and easy to close with handles. They are officially certified TUV home compostable (EU EN13432 and TUV tested) and break down naturally in the UK climate within 3-6 months. As they decompose they do not create microplastics (unlike some degradable – sometimes incorrectly labelled biodegradable bags) and are made with sugar and cornstarch. There are no chemical additives D2W or EPI. They are strong at 18 microns.

We no longer sell our own branded bags.

Dog Pick Up Bags



  • Traditional plastic can take 500 + years to break down
  • Made of non-renewable resources
  • Hazard to marine life


(often labelled as BIO-DEGRADABLE)

  • Traditional plastic with chemical additive EPI or D2W
  • Made of non-renewable resources
  • Break down by chemical reaction not biodegradation
  • Risk of MICROPLASTICS pollution


  • Made with plant-based materials
  • Biodegrades naturally within 3-6 months
  • Lowest footprint when incinerated
  • Can be composted at home
  • Breaks down into natural elements
  • No microplastics