Lost & Found Dogs

It’s astonishing how many dogs do get lost every day, whether out walking or by escaping from their home – do always keep your dog in mind and in sight when out walking and check they can’t get out of your garden, regularly.

Fireworks and stormy weather are noticeably peak times for losing dogs so take extra care of them then!

But it can happen to any of us… so what should you do? Obviously stay in the area calling them for a long time to start with, they may well make their way back to you eventually, if not then…

Lost Dogs

Keep your dog’s details up to date on the microchip register, then even if they lose their tag it’s going to be the quickest way to reunite you.

From 6 April 2016 microchips and up to date details are compulsory for all dogs in England.

The first thing to do is to report to the local dog warden as they may already have your dog, all the local ones are listed below.

If your dog is both microchipped and tagged (as required by law now) you should be able to get them back quickly, many people now take a dog they’ve found to a local vet to be scanned and then they can come quickly back to you.

You can reach a lot of people in Dorset who may be able to help you look and put up posters by using http://www.doglost.co.uk/. DogLost is the UK’s largest lost and found dog service, it’s free, they offer advice and provide guidance and help on what to do if your dog is lost, create a printable poster and local volunteers connected to DogLost go out to help on searches.

You can also use Dorset Dogs Facebook page, www.facebook.com/dorsetdogs, just post DogLost details on the visitors posts, you do not need to ask us first. We ask for DogLost links to be used as they are updated once a dog is found, otherwise posts can keep being shared after dogs are reunited.

    Found dogs

    If you’ve found a dog they might be microchipped, a local vet or your local Animal Welfare Officer (Dog Warden) can check.

    Please note: The Police no longer take responsibility for stray dogs and will not accept them at the Police station

    Dog Warden / Animal Welfare Officer Service

    When reporting your lost dog have the following information available:

    • What your dog looks like
    • Where and when it was lost
    • If your dog has a collar and tag

    Area Information

    Dorset Council

    Report a lost dog (you will need to register on the online portal to report a lost dog): Lost dogs – Dorset Council

    If you have a stray dog in your care, call Customer Services on: 01305 221000

    Our service operates from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day).

    If you have caught the dog and it is outside of these hours, please keep the dog safe and contained until we can come and collect it.

    Or (by prior agreement with the centre) you may be able to take them Margaret Green Animal Rescue, Lincoln Farm, Bere Road, Winterborne Kingston, Blandford, DT11 9BP, who accept stray dogs up until 9pm, Monday to Sunday.

    Report a stray dog that is not contained (you will need to register on the online portal to report a stray dog that is not contained): Stray dogs – Dorset Council

    BCP Council

    Report a lost dog online: Report your lost dog (bcpcouncil.gov.uk)

    You can also report your lost dog by calling 01202 123 789

    If you have a stray dog in your care report it online or call 01202 123 789

    Out of hours: If you have found a stray dog, it is in your care and it is outside of normal operating hours (Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day), it is your responsibility to keep the dog safe and contained until a BCP Animal Welfare Officer can come and collect it (this is due to kennel opening times). Further details here: Report a stray dog (bcpcouncil.gov.uk)

    For out of hours (nights and weekends) please call: 08000 281 870