Love Dogs…Love Your Beach

Dog walking is allowed all year round on some beaches, on many others there are seasonal zones for dogs, so before you visit check out the map on the Out and About page or visit the links below:

Dorset Council – Walking Dogs on Beaches: Walking dogs on beaches – Dorset Council

Dorset Council – Map of Dog Friendly Beaches: Dog Walking On Dorset Beaches – Google My Maps

BCP Council – Dogs on Beaches: Dogs on beaches (

BCP Council – Dogs on Beaches Map: Dog-Map.pdf (

The campaign to reduce marine and beach litter and improve and maintain bathing water quality at source.

Do Bag It and Bin It

Our spectacular beaches and high quality bathing water bring in tourism and allow us to safely admire awe inspiring coastal panoramas, play in the sea and exercise with our dogs.

Dog waste is very high in bacteria, and can seriously affect water quality. Dog mess deposited inland can get washed into the sea via drains and waterways. By keeping bathing water quality high, we can keep water safe to enter. Most dog owners are responsible about bagging and binning their dog’s mess, but just one ignored poop can lead to others following and create a pollution problem.

We can all help to maintain a high standard of bathing water quality of the beaches that we love. Transfer existing graphic from Dorset Dogs website: Love Your Beach: Litter Free Coast & Sea – Love Dogs… Love Nature (