Together with our colleagues from SCCAMP we have created five short top training tip films, featuring advice from Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, Natalie Light on different topics, including loose lead walking, how to get better recall, new games to make walks more fun, and ideas for working on behaviour around distractions when out walking.

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Our friends at Coast and Countyside Canines have produced a series of training guides to help you and your dog enjoy a wildlife friendly walk. The training guides have been created to give an overview of some useful techniques, to help you and your dog enjoy a safer and more wildlife friendly walk.

Visit: Training Tips – Coast and Country Canines

Finding the right dog trainer for you and your dog

There are lots of people who advertise as dog trainers and it can be difficult to tell if they are qualified, have been assessed and demonstrated competency, are up to date with ethical and well researched methods as well as being the right person to help you and your dog.

If you are looking for a Dog Trainer, consider whether the trainer uses force-free, welfare-based methods. Most trainers believe that some methods such as those that focus on training through punishment may create serious problems in the future in exchange for short-term obedience.

We’re not able to endorse particular trainers or qualifications, this is for you to explore and research what is best for you and your dog, a good place to start is the ABTC register (Animal Behaviour & Training Council).

You can also check out the Training section in DEFRA’s Code of Practice for the Welfare of Dogs: Code of practice for the welfare of dogs (

We will be keeping up to date with the All-party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Group (APDAWG) on the latest developments on regulation of the dog training industry.