Little Bailey has joined us on guided walkies before, Jane told us she surprised an adder and was bitten earlier this week, but we’re so relieved to hear she is recovering well as Jane did the right thing and got her to the vet asap. Bailey’s vet said this was the first adder bite they had seen this year.

Adders will try to move away if they hear you coming as they would prefer to avoid contact, but if you are unlucky get to a vet, phoning ahead to say you are on your way. Sticking to paths will usually help (and on areas like heaths, wetland or downland also protects newborn and young animals and birds living on the ground and in the low vegetation during spring and summer) but Bailey was on the path when she was bitten.

Find out more about adders and the other reptiles and amphibians who live in the UK here: – you can also take part in Garden Dragon Watch, report sightings and do free online training!

Jane captured this image of the adder