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  1. Name the most popular dog breed in 2019?

    a) Labrador Retriever
    b) English Springer Spaniel
    c) Shih Tzu
    d) Jack Russell
    e) French Bulldog
    f) Cocker Spaniel
    g) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    ANSWER = a) Labrador Retriever

  2. How many households in the UK have pet dogs?

    a) about 11%
    b) about a quarter
    c) about half
    d) about 16%

    ANSWER = b) about a quarter

  3. What is the name of the Dorset Dog of the Year 2019?

    a) Poppy
    b) Chester
    c) Theodore
    d) Sophie

    ANSWER = c) Theodore
    His name is under his happy photo on the home page

  4. Which TWO statements are correct? Dorset Dogs….

    a) is a rescue organisation
    b) champions positive management for people with dogs & promotes responsible ownership
    c) offers free membership
    d) sells dog food

    ANSWER = b) & c)

  5. On heaths, downs and wetlands we are asked to keep our dogs on the path with us during the spring and summer. What is the reason given in the Doggy Do Code?

    a) To protect the chicks and eggs of birds who nest on the ground
    b) To help keep our dogs away from ticks and adders
    c) To make sure we don’t lose our dogs

    ANSWER = a) is the one mentioned in the Doggy Do Code. But b) is also a possible reason!

  6. Are you a free member of Dorset Dogs?

    a) yes
    b) no

    if you’ve answered a) yes, we’re glad you’re with us!
    if you’ve answered b) no, join for free here:

  7. What is the best thing to do if your dog poops when you are out and about?

    a) Quickly walk away pretending you didn’t notice
    b) Bag it and bin it
    c) Bag it and throw it into the bushes or hang it on a Poo Tree
    d) Leave it on the ground to make sure dog owners are really welcome

    ANSWER= b) lol.
    So WHO is doing a), c) and d)! We know you are fed up with them too.

  8. What are the reasons for picking up dog poop and binning it

    a) To prevent nightmare mess on shoes/pushchair wheels/wheelchairs
    b) To stop vegetation being changed, with a consequent potential loss of rare wildlife
    c) To prevent abortion in grazing animals
    d) To stop dogs being banned from places, or only allowed on lead

    ANSWER= all of the above!
    Further info:

  9. What is Wagipawdia?

    a) An illness
    b) A dog-friendly state in New Zealand
    c) An encyclopaedic library at

    ANSWER= c) It’s here:

  10. Which is the odd one out?

    a) out and about map & information
    b) advice on what to do if you lose or find dog
    c) doggy do code
    d) dog-friendly cafes, pubs, hotels, accommodation and visitor attractions
    e) dog breed information
    f) commercial dog walkers who have signed up to follow the doggy do code
    g) how to join Dorset Dogs & get a free members pack
    h) seasonal advice to help us protect wildlife

You can find all the rest here at!