Pit Stops

What’s a Pit Stop?

In Dorset Dogs’ world it’s an opportunity to meet members and greet new ones, keep in touch with people, places and dogs and find out about the issues that are affecting you.  And, also a chance to practice picking-up skills!

Dogs are interested too!

The physical parts of a Pit Stop are the gazebo, the information display (which varies depending on where we are going and what people may be interested in), the Dorset Dogs members photos book and activities.  We always take ‘goody bags’ to give away too, including yummy dog treats provided free by Dorset Dogs Delights (no relation!) – thanks Julie!

Pit Stops at events

Dorset Dogs Pit Stops go along to fun dog shows, community and other events.  These are often at weekends or in holiday time and can be very busy – they’re also great fun!

People can find out more about Dorset Dogs, have a go at ‘pick up a (plasticine) poo’ to win a prize, or take away a goody bag that includes details of how to join Dorset Dogs as well as other goodies.

Pit Stops at your local green places

Dorset Dogs also goes out with the Pit Stop to local places where people walk with their dogs.  This is a great opportunity to meet people and dogs out and about and find out more about local issues – so we might, for example, be discussing wildlife that you’ve seen (or didn’t even know was there!), things that you particularly like about the places you walk and, of course, your dog!  These pit stops are usually on a weekday morning.  Just like at events, there are goody bags for people to take away.

Volunteering at Pit Stops

Pit Stops have become extremely popular so we’ll be looking for some more volunteers to join our wonderful volunteer team next spring and summer!  This would mean we wouldn’t have to turn down so many events – we did around 50 last year and had to turn down others!  Even if you might only be able to help with a couple of events that would be so appreciated, and it’s a lovely way to meet lots of dogs and people of course!

Please do contact us dorsetdogs@dorsetcc.gov.uk if you’d like to find out what might be involved and whether you might potentially be interested in becoming a volunteer.