Yes it’s true! – Lovely Theodore knows how we can help some of Britain’s rarest birds

The rest of this article was written just before lockdown but it’s especially important to know about the ground-nesting birds at this time when we are being encouraged to spend time outdoors exercising once a day (but maintaining distance (2 metres/6 foot) from other people). We are also asked to keep our dogs on lead when we are anywhere with other people around at the moment and also not to drive except for essential travel. For information about this and other key advice for dog owners during lockdown (after you’ve read about the birds below) go to the Coronavirus advice for dog owners page.

1. Be aware of where birds may be nesting low or on the ground:  especially heathlands, wetlands & some downs.

2. Keep ourselves and our dogs on the paths in those places.

Even friendly dogs may stop parent birds being able to find a safe nesting place, or scare them away from their nests leaving eggs or chicks exposed to predators and the cold, so look out for signs that tell you there may be birds nesting on the ground and what to do to keep them safe.

For off-lead exercise spring’s a great time to explore your local area & find alternative places to visit!

Please note during lockdown this may not be possible unless you live locally and can walk to an area where there are no other people around. My goodness something certainly to look forward to!

Find out more and a link to find places with off-lead space available all year round too – look out for Canford Park SANG, Upton Country Park, Riversmeet and some of Dorset’s dog-friendliest beaches here: Wagi-do-code