Hillside Vets website have the latest updates and lots of useful and interesting information – find them here: www.hillsidevets.co.uk Their Spring 2020 Newsletter is also available here

The newsletter features articles including:

Spring tick alert!
The warmer spring weather brings with it a host of parasites. Whilst fleas can be very irritating (and a serious cause of skin disease), ticks pose a greater danger to both humans and animals – since they can carry a number of serious infectious diseases. What are ticks? How do I protect my pet? Tick removal tips. Read more here

Could it be kennel cough?
Kennel cough is a very infectious, but rarely life-threatening, respiratory infection that spreads from dog to dog whenever they meet – out on walks, training classes and of course kennels. Read more here

Be worm aware!
Many people believe that if their pet had worms they would know. We might expect them to be a pit poorly and to lose weight, or maybe have diarrhoea, dry coats, pot bellies or itchy bottoms. But most adult animals can be carrying worms with very few or no symptoms at all! Read the article here

Spring into action!
With Spring around the corner we all look forward to some warmer weather and spring walks. Read here for a few seasonal tips

Can you pinch an inch?
It’s that time of year again where we jump on the scales with a sense of trepidation – and it’s often no different for our pets! However, even without scales you can easily check your pet’s body condition score at home. Find out more here

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